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Custom email templates and senders

You can customize all aspects of your Instant app's "magic code" email: the body (plain text or HTML), subject, sender name, and even the from address.

Set up custom magic code emails in the Dashboard Auth tab.


We provide a handful of variables you can use in both your subject line and body template. Using a variable is as easy as adding the target's name in curly brackets, e.g. {variable_name}.

<p>Hi {user_email}, here's your code for {app_title}:</p>


Here are the variables we offer:

  • {code}, the magic code, e.g. 123456. Note, this variable is required in both the subject and body.
  • {user_email}, the recipient user's email address, e.g. happyuser@gmail.com
  • {app_title}, your app's name

Custom sender addresses

You can also set Instant's email's from and reply-to fields to an address on your own domain.

If you provide a custom sender address, you'll need to confirm it before we can start delivering from it. Our email partner, Postmark, will send a confirmation to the provided address with a link to verify. Until the address is varified, emails will continue to be sent from Instant's default auth sender (auth@pm.instantdb.com).

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